Our science curriculum needs to enable children to know more, to understand more and do more and to understand why and how science is relevant to them in their lives.  In order for to do this, science learning is strategically planned so that deliberate links are made within learning across and within year groups so that key ideas are revisited and reinforced. 

Our science is delivered through our Learning Journey lessons. These are linked to the over-arching theme contained in the individual Learning Journeys and their maps, and also build upon prior knowledge which the children learn throughout school.

Our Science Curriculum

This table shows where science is taught in our school along with the themes and topics that run through the Learning Journeys as a whole. For information about the specific science contained in each:

Our Science Curriculum Maps

In this section, you can see the Learning Journey maps for each year group. Not every map is completely focussed on science, there are other areas such as history or geography which link in with science and which may take a more prominent role, depending on the topic and the knowledge being taught.


Year 3

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

This LJ introduces the concept of light to children. We learn about the key vocabulary and the way in which light acts and reacts to objects such as mirrors. This learning allows children to carry out an investigation about shadows and links well to the Romans theme through the use of sundials.


In this LJ we look at the layers of the rainforest and the ways in which plants grow and survive. The location of these important habitats also makes links to geography and where they can be found.

Opposites Attract

In this LJ we look carefully at the world around us! We cover earthquakes, volcanoes and where these are located and what vocabulary is important in understanding them. This inevitably links to the layers of the Earth and leads us on to magnetism where the children carry out an experiment in which they decide on the relative strengths of magnets compared to each other.


Walk Like an Egyptian

This LJ allows children to learn about teeth and the digestive system in the context of ancient Egypt. Children then take part in a demonstration about how the digestive system works!

Year 4

Spotlight on Leicester

In this LJ the children learn about Electricity and sound as well as using the important vocabulary that accompanies it to link to their work about Leicester – our nearest big city. They carry out an experiment to build circuits and distinguish between conductive and non-conductive materials.

Geology Rocks!

Our Geology Rocks LJ teaches the children about the Stone Age, the process of fossilisation and allows them to investigate and learn about the different types of stone contained in the LJ map.

It's the Circle of Life

In this Learning Journey Children use the residential they have at Beaumanor Hall to link to the diverse world around them. This takes the form of habitats, classifications and how these are impacted via natural and man-made environmental changes.

It's a Matter of Fact

In this Learning journey we look at the water cycle and think about how this links to the scientific concepts of solids, liquids and gases.


Year 5

See the Sea!

In this first learning journey of Year 5, children build upon the last Science Learning Journey of Year 4 by developing their knowledge of materials. This links to properties of materials, and changes which materials can go through. The LJ culminates in children creating mixtures and solutions and then trying to separate them again.

Hill Areas Mountains

This Learning Journey builds upon and develops from the Year 3 work about the Earth as children learn about the formation of different mountains and mountain ranges.

Everything Revolves Around Me

This Learning Journey takes place in space! Children learn about the Solar System as well as retrieving and building upon Year 3 knowledge about friction, resistance and forces. In their investigations children learn about the effects of gravity on different sized objects through air resistance.

Your Money or Your Life

In this Learning Journey we look briefly at the workings of levers and pulleys.


Year 6

Let's Blitz This!

In their first learning journey containing science, children develop their knowledge gained in Year 4 about circuits and electricity and their Y3 knowledge about light. They create circuits and develop their understanding about the role and impact of cells upon components in a circuit.

Survival of the Fittest

In this learning journey, children develop their undertaking about the classification of animals, building upon their work in Y4 and thinking about how the lifecycles of organisms impact upon this.


Inclusion in Science

We do not want to put a ceiling on our children’s learning.  It is imperative that all children, especially those with special education needs or disabilities, access an ambitious, broad, challenging and inspiring curriculum.  It should not be narrowed nor should the default position be to expect children not to be able to achieve.  High expectations of all of our children are at the heart of our vision and this of course includes all children and all areas of the curriculum. 




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