Physical Education


In a society where physical wellness is essential to our overall wellbeing, we want PE, physical activity and school sport, to empower children to explore and engage in new experiences, improve their motor skills and unlock their talents. Part of helping children on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves includes developing their confidence within sport and fostering a desire to succeed. 

The PE curriculum allows children to further develop their character, in a range of situations outside of the normal classroom environment. The children’s wellbeing, both mental and physical, is vital to ensure that they become physically literate, in a way which supports their health, fitness and overall wellbeing. 


Our PE Curriculum

The curriculum has been devised to suit the specific needs of our children and provide them with the necessary building blocks for the next stage in their education. With the physical wellbeing of the child at the centre of the curriculum, the children are able to explore sport and physical activity, through a range of different sporting disciplines. Throughout their physical education journey, we ensure access to both intra-sport and inter-sport competitions, allowing opportunities for the children to represent the school across different competitive platforms.


Whilst fostering an environment of competitive play, the children are also encouraged to incorporate the values of sport and physical activity into their everyday lives, skills which can be extended across the curriculum. To promote at least 60 active minutes a day, changes have been made to the school day and PE lessons to ensure that time is being maximised and children have many opportunities to be active. 

Every class takes part in the Daily Mile and active break and lunch times everyday. Overall, in a nation that is struggling with both their physical and mental wellbeing, we are working to bridge the gap to overall wellness.

Our PE curriculum is designed so that the children have the opportunity to revisit key ideas and concepts, whilst developing their skills across a range of different sports. Each class will have an afternoon a week dedicated to PE, and will have the opportunity to focus on a different sport each half term. Some sports will be revisited in upper key stage 2, to give the children the opportunity to develop their skills and climb up the progression ladder for that given sport. Other sports may only appear once during their whole PE learning journey, however specific skills required for these sports will have already been developed. Each learning journey culminates in a house competition, which enables all children to be involved in intra-sport competition on a regular basis, with the final destination being a whole school Sports Day at the end of each academic year.


Inclusion in PE

We do not want to put a ceiling on our children’s learning.  It is imperative that all children, especially those with special education needs or disabilities, access an ambitious, broad, challenging and inspiring curriculum.  It should not be narrowed nor should the default position be to expect children not to be able to achieve.  High expectations of all of our children are at the heart of our vision and this of course includes all children and all areas of the curriculum. 



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