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Commitment 4

Mind, Body and Spirit

We need to recognise that every individual is made up of different aspects to make them whole.  We characterise these as the mind, body and spirit.  Similarly to the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, we see individuals as being made up of a personal trinity.  It is important that we recognise all three parts as being equally as important as all these things combine to give us identity, determine our health, and make us who we are.  We need to work towards all of our Barwell Family being as healthy as possible in mind, body and spirit.  Although we have separated the three elements, they all work hand in hand together and so, to aid everyone’s journey to wellness, we need to acknowledge that there are cross overs throughout.  For example, if we are not mentally well, this can manifest itself within the body, or if we are physically well, this can improve our mental wellness.


The mind

We want to work towards mental wellness for everyone at every opportunity.  We can do this through five different ways:


  • Connection – we can build a strong Barwell Family so that individuals feel a sense of belonging and togetherness, that they are not alone.  We are all on the journey together.  Being connected to the wider world and to people who are different from us.  Relationships that develop us as individuals.
  • Being active – not just by exercise but by getting out in the world and experiencing more than the four walls of a classroom. 
  • Keep learning – allowing individuals to experience gaining knowledge and having a sense of achievement, getting better at things.  Using the ‘Power of Yet’ and having a growth mindset. 
  • Giving to others – kindness and more kindness!  Giving to others, whether this is a smile and a thank you or helping others who are our neighbours in its widest sense.
  • Being mindful – understanding feelings and emotions and being able to be present in the moment.  Being able to regulate our emotions and being aware of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  Being mindful and practising gratitude. 


The body

We want to work towards physical wellness for everyone at every opportunity.  We can do this through five different ways:


  • Eating well – understanding what makes a healthy diet and by having a healthy relationship with food.  Understanding that eating can be a social experience and gaining knowledge of how to enjoy this.
  • Exercising – knowing about different ways we can exercise and knowing the benefits this can bring us in life.  Having a healthy relationship to exercise so we know when is too much or too little.  Understanding how our bodies respond to exercise and the positive feelings that it can give us.  Being active rather than sedentary.
  • Sleep – understanding the importance of a good night’s sleep and the benefits this can bring to us.  Having an understanding how poor sleep affects our mood and our health and how to promote healthy sleeping habits.
  • Hydration – understanding how keeping ourselves hydrated helps support us throughout each day.  Understanding the importance of water.
  • Harmful habits – having an understanding of what habits and substances can be harmful to us


The spirit

We want to work towards spiritual wellness for everyone at every opportunity.  Defining spirituality is a complex thing but in our school we define it as:


‘Being connected to something larger than ourselves that changes the way we think, feel and behave.’


Spirituality can be connected to religion but equally it is something we can all share regardless of our personal faith.  We see spiritual development as a journey that we are all on and we are all at different points in this journey.  We can develop spirituality through four ways:


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