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Year Four Time Travel

Date: January 9, 2015 Author: Year4 Categories: News, Year 4

What a great start to the year we have had in Year Four! We have started our new learning journey – TIME MACHINE! Where we are using our incredible investigating skills to solve another crime: The Barwell Meteorite has been stolen from the New Walk Museum in Leicester. A Tardis was sighted above the museum around the time of the crime and so the children have started to search different time periods to help find it.

The children have been designing their own time machines, thinking particularly about the shape of the machine and how to power it. They have also investigated how to make a switch so that they can turn their machine on and off.

This morning the two classes have travelled back in time to the Saxon period where they have met two people who have acted as fantastic guides. The children have spent the morning learning about Saxon armour and weaponry from Layla and have also had the chance to learn a Saxon dance with Gregoric, before spending some time writing in Saxon Runes (it was quite difficult) and then writing using a quill and ink (quite a messy job!).

Everyone has gone for luncheon now, but we are all excited to find out more …

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