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Year 4 April Update

Date: April 25, 2016 Author: ICT Categories: Classes, News, Year 4

April started with Year 4 being as busy as ever! We had a really exciting inspiration day for our new Learning Journey “Help!” Poor Wallace has recently killed his goldfish and he hasn’t had any luck with rabbits either. As a result, he has contacted us to ask us to find out about various animals, where they live and how best to care for them before he gets a new pet. Gromit is rather concerned for his own safety!
As part of our inspiration day activities we had great fun designing and making clay models of our favourite animals. We learnt how to join, smooth, carve and roll clay to achieve a desired effect. Some of the models were better than the teachers could make!

Dressing up as animals saw a funny start to the day. The children amazed us with their imaginative costumes. By the end of the day we even had a frog having a drum lesson! Amazing! It was a good job that the adults came to school as park rangers or we could have had a disaster on our hands!

We are currently busy researching animals so that we can advise Wallace before he buys his next pet. He has asked for us to send him an informative show. We are looking forward to exploring musical elements and poetry to enhance our performances. Keep an eye on the Year 4 Website page and Twitter to see more!