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Year 3 November and December Update

Date: January 4, 2017 Author: ICT Categories: Classes, News, Year 3

In our recent learning journey, ‘The Flintstones Hit the Circus’, we have been learning all about the Stone Age period, exploring when and how they used to live and survive up to 2,000,000 years ago! We have learnt all about their hunting and gathering techniques for food, what tools and weapons were used, where they lived and about their past times, such as cave painting and jewellery making.

After broadening our knowledge of the Stone Age, we were kindly asked by JoJo The Clown to determine which rock would make an effective replica of a Stone Age house to be commissioned at a museum. We therefore grabbed our lab coats and examined an array of metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks. We made our predictions as to which rock would be the most durable and most waterproof in order to determine which rock could be used. We then wrote a scientific method as to how an experiment could be carried out to test our predictions. We also considered variables to make this a fair test. Then, we tested each rock using a scratch and drip test and recorded our results. Finally, we drew our conclusions from our findings and sent the information back to JoJo.

From super scientists to remarkable writers, it was time to plan and write an opening to a story at JoJo’s request. Using a Stone Age setting image as inspiration to set our scene, we drew upon our great creativity, imagination and historical knowledge to show what we could sense in our surroundings. We then had great fun introducing the main character, describing their personality, lifestyle and feelings, all the time focusing on and applying our fantastic writing features.

What a busy term it has been! The fun never stops in Year 3. Keep an eye out for our next update to see what we have been up to in the New Year.