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What an incredible start to the year so far!

Date: September 20, 2016 Author: Year6 Categories: News, Year 6

WOW, we have been blown away by the amazing start we have made in Year 6. It has been fantastic to see so many of the children rising to the challenge of being role-models for the rest of the school.

Since the start of the year, we have been working incredibly hard. With our first Learning Journey, “ENGAGE”. This allowed gave us a chance to look at what it meant to be a Year 6 and to consider the importance of the year ahead. Just a few of the activities we did were: writing a letter to our future selves, considering how to manage our feelings in situations, looking at the rights and responsibilities of people in school, thinking about how we are a team … and many many more!

We completed this Learning Journey with our Backwards Inspiration Day, where children had the opportunity to dress up as aliens, people from Star Fleet or other space themed creatures (see below). During the day, the children had the opportunity to visit different areas of Star Fleet Academy, where there were all manner of challenges for them to complete in order to determine which area of Star Fleet might suit them best. What a fantastic day!

img_0096 img_0085 img_0086 img_0090 img_0131 img_0129

After this incredible start, we have kept the momentum going as we have begun our Science based Learning Journey, “Manipulating McCoy”, where we are looking at adaptation and evolution in order to consider ways we can adapt McCoy to suit new environments when on an Away Mission – so he doesn’t need a space suit! We’re looking forward to hearing the incredible ideas that the children come up with over the next few weeks.