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Welcome to the Circus

Date: October 4, 2016 Author: Admin Categories: Classes, News, Year 3

What a fabulous start to the year and a new school for our brilliant Year 3s.

Over this last month we have delved into two circus related learning journeys.  Oh What A Circus! gave us a great chance to get to know each other, reflect on what makes us special and the children spent a lot of time getting to know our school, the layout, rules and routines and have settled very well.  This is in addition to the facts we have  researched about the circus and the information  leaflet we have generated.


We are currently busily looking into what it would be like to organise a circus in Barwell as part of Roll Up, Roll Up!  We have considered different ways we can react in situations and keep clam, just as a group of circus performers would need to when placed together under one big top.  Science has helped us to explore what circus acts need to perform in the way they do, from our skeletal system and muscles through to ensuring they receive a balanced diet.  This week we have been thinking about where in the world these acts may come from and have learnt about our 7 continents, countries and capital cities in Europe and how to interpret maps with Ordnance Survey symbols and grid references on them. We are really looking forward to thinking about the faith and world views these acts may have and persuading them to come to Barwell whilst also ensuring we draw in a great audience.

Everyone should be proud of their great achievements so far: it is hard to believe the children have only been with us for just over a month.  We look forward to our next steps along our journey and will keep you updated with what we’ve been up to.