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Wednesday 16th January 2013

Date: January 16, 2013 Author: Admin Categories: Shanghai 2013

Goodness – what a day! We have travelled a long way from Shanghai to Ningbo – a three hour journey by coach. We had to be up, packed and checked out of the hotel by 7.30a.m. ready to get on the bus.

We travelled across the longest bridge in the world – well over thirty miles long, but unfortunately it was so foggy we couldn’t see very much! Our first stop in Ningbo was our hotel – just to drop our bags off and to have lunch. We then travelled on to the Universityy of Ningbo which has  a strong link with the University of Nottingham and  the British National College for School Leadership. There we met with Headteachers, Maths and Science Leaders and sixth form students from schools in Ningbo. We were able to talk about how their schools work and what makes them so good at Maths and Science.

They told us a lot about their school systems and their very high expectations of pupils and their families. In China the only way you can get on in life is through a  good education.

In China adults have to work. If you don’t or can’t work, your family has to support you – the government does not give poor people any money. The best jobs need good qualifications and the only way to get these is to work hard and do your best at school, college or university. 

We have been very lucky during this week to have a big team of interpreters – Chinese men and women who speak good English and can translate for us. Children are now learning English at school, but most adults in China cannot speak or understand English. The photo shows us with some of the other Headteachers and Teachers on the visit and with some of our Chinese colleagues.




When we left the university we were taken for an evening meal to a Tibetan fish restaurant. We were able to try lots of unusual food, including snails! The picture shows some of the food. We had to eat with chopsticks, which is a bit tricky with slippery food! We had a try of most dishes – some we liked, but others were not so nice.


We are now back in our hotel which is brand new and very nice indeed. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we have to be up at 6a.m. for another early start – visiting two more schools – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I hope I can send you some pictures tomorrow.