Shanghai 2013

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We Have Arrived!

Date: January 13, 2013 Author: Admin Categories: Shanghai 2013

We left home on Friday morning at 10a.m. to travel to Heathrow Airport in London. Our flight was delayed by an hour and a half, but once we were on the plane everything was fine.

Miss Haughey and I sat together in the second last row of the plane. We had to move the time forward by 8 hours on our watches because of the time difference between England and Singapore. Our flight was nearly twelve hours long. We arrived in Shanghai at midday on Saturday feeling very tired, but very excited about what we are going to be doing this week.

There are 24 teachers and 24 headteachers in our group and we were all taken to our hotel on buses. Our hotel is lovely, we are very lucky to have very nice rooms.

Shanghai is a massive and amazing city teeming with people and traffic. A river runs through the city and on one side is the old town and on the other are the tall buildings of the new town.

Because of our long journey and the jetlag that happens when you fly acoss time zones, we have been allowed to have today (Sunday) as a rest day and to look around the city. We have been to the markets and to a Chinese garden. We have taken a trip under the river to see the tall buildings on the other side.

At nightimes the buildings are all lit up around the river side and it looks spectacular. Most of these tall buildings were not there ten years ago, and Shanghai is a city that is growing very fast. The people are friendly and we have been made very welcome.

Tomorrow we are going to the University to find out about what it is like to go to school in China. We will be going into schools to meet teachers and children and to watch lessons in Maths and Science.

The photographs show some of the things that Miss Haughey and I have enjoyed seeing since we arrived.