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Tuesday 15th January 2013

Date: January 15, 2013 Author: Admin Categories: Shanghai 2013

We have had another busy day today with an early start!

The bus came to our hotel at 8.00a.m. to take us all to the university to  hear one of the professors tell us about how children  learn in Shanghai. Some parts of the school organisation are similar to ours, but some are very different.

The children do not start school until they are six. There are nursery schools but parents have to pay to send their children there. School is free from age six to eleven. Children can leave school at eleven, or they can stay on, but parents have to pay. Most children in Shanghai stay on at school and many try to get to university.

In Primary School children are taught by different teachers for different subjects. In Shanghai there are about thirty children in a class, but in the country the classes are much larger. If children do not understand their lessons they are expected to stay for extra time at the end of the day so they can go through it again.

Children are given lots of homework every night and they are expected to do it. Parents are expected to get involved with their children when doing their homework.

The government spends a lot of money on education and the number of teachers compared to pupils is much higher in Shanghai than in the UK. Lessons are shorter than ours, around 30 – 40 minutes long. Teachers spend some of  their time planning and supporting each other as well as training to improve. They can do this in school because they only teach for part of each day. There are no class teachers, just subject teachers.


We visited a school this afternoon in Shanghai. We were able to meet the children in Year 6 who were doing maths and science. They were very happy, friendly and welcoming. their classroom was quite small, and they sat at desks in rows. There were small tablet computers (like ipads) fixed to the corridor walls and in the quiet area of the playground. The children use these to answer questions set by the teacher to show whether or not they understood the lesson.


The photographs show shome of the children we met, who were very keen to have their photograph taken with Miss H.

We now have to pack our bags because we are leaving our lovely hotel in Shanghai to travel south to Ningbo tomorrow. We will have to be up at 6.00a.m. to get organised so that we can make an early start in order to have time to go into school in Ningbo. The drive will take us three hours and we have to cross the longest bridge in the world – it is over 30 miles long!

We hear it has been snowing in Barwell. We hope that the Year 4 visit to Beaumanor went well; we have been thinking of you all.