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Thursday 17th January 2013

Date: January 17, 2013 Author: Admin Categories: Shanghai 2013

Today has been our final day in schools and we have seen such a lot.

We have been into two schools in Ningbo. We saw Maths lessons being taught in Year 4 and Year 7 in the first school and in Year 3 in the second school. The Year 3 and the year 4 class each had over 45 pupils and the Year 7 class was smaller with only 38 pupils! As you can see, class numbersare very much larger than in our country. There are no additional adults in school to support teachers and they teach and manage the classes on their own.


Chinese children are extremely polite and respectful to each other and to all adults in school. They stand when the ask a question or when they give an answer. Children are often asked to come to the front by their teacher to show the other children how they have worked something out. They enjoy doing this and are confident to explain their thinking, and proud to be asked to do so.

You might notice in the pictures that the children are wearing their coats. This is because Chinese schools have no heating! children and adults wear their coats to work in when it is cold, and it was very cold today!

Some schools have a uniform, some don’t and some have a uniform jumper and coat, but the children may be allowed to wear whatever their parents choose as trousers/skirts etc. All of the children we saw were very clean and smart and seemed to take good care of their possessions e.g. their pencil cases and pencils.

One school we visited was a private school and children came from a wide area to attend it. This meant it is too far for the children to go home every night so they are boarders – this means that theylive at school for most of the time in special rooms in a separate building next door to the school. They go home for a long weekend every two or three weeks, and they have holidays in a similar way to us. We saw some children being collected with their suitcases by their parents today – going home early for a long weekend.

All of the schools we saw were very large with between 1000 and 1500 pupils in the infant and junior sections. Some schools take pupils of all ages.

We had a chance to talk with the teachers and the Headteachers after the lessons. They told us lots about their schools and we told them about ours. We have given gifts to the schools we visited, including bookmarks, children’s  work from Year 6, and DVDs about our school. We received a gift of a special piece of calligrapy – very lovely Chinese writing. Each piece held a special meaning for the person it was given to. Perhaps we’ll tell you what our’s mean when we see you next week.

We are now at Pudong Airport Hotel, ready for our flight home tomorrow. I can hear and see aeroplanes taking off and landing from my window. Fingers crossed that we have no delays and that there is no snow to hold us up tomorrow.