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Safer Internet Week 2016: A JLT Masterpiece! 

What a fantastic week planned and delivered by an inspiring set of children! This year, our Safer Internet Day was made possible by the brilliant efforts of our Junior Leadership Team.

Safer Internet Week 2016 kicked off with an amazing assembly delivered by the local police illustrating the importance of staying safe when using the internet and how we can protect ourselves. Following that, some of our amazing children from across the school took part in ‘Click Start’ – a e-safety ‘Play in a Day’ which was then performed to the rest of the school. Who knew we had so many budding actors and actresses?

Across this week, the children and staff worked hard on promoting all aspects of e-safety to ensure that our children had a solid grounding and understood how, and why, it was important to use technology responsibly and safely. Having established a successful format for our Safer Internet Week, the JLT decided that each year group was to produce a multimedia piece of work to show in a whole school assembly on Friday. Year 3 were to make raps and record them, Year 4 were to make a trailer, Year 5 to record a news report and Year 6 were to make a quiz using Scratch.

Led by the JLT, the assembly began with specifically chosen music and then the children themselves welcomed parents and talked briefly about what having a safer internet means to them. They also demonstrated e-safety powerpoints that they had spent their lunchtimes working on. Then the assembly was handed over to the four year groups to present their work. The videos and multimedia presentations were amazing and all the children and staff had gone to town!

The assembly was a remarkable showcase of the understanding of Safer Internet Week and the ideas that we had been promoting. We were also delighted by the amount of parents who came to join us for the assembly – thank you!



We arrived back at school to a wonderful surprise – our scooter rack has been put on the front yard. As a Junior Leadership Team, we are now going to meet and decide upon a course of action. Watch this space for our grand opening!



YES! We did it! Scooter racks are a-coming!

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Junior Leadership Team have been campaigning for the Introduction of a scooter rack. We are excited to tell you that we have had the ‘yes’ from Miss Newman and it will be put up on the front yard over the Christmas holidays. There will be a grand opening, hopefully, at the start of the new academic term. We will send out a letter with the details of this.

Thank you Miss Newman!!!! By Francesca (Head of the Junior Leadership Team)


What are our plans for the Spring Term?

Throughout the next term, the Junior Leadership Team are going to be raising money to get outdoor speakers. (which is going to come from The Snack Shack profits!) We are also going to paint fences to make the outside of our school even more colourful and we have agreed to look at raising funds for an all weather pitch to solve our sporting problems.

Written by Rhys P (Year 4)


What have we been up to in the Autumn Term?


Harvest Responsibilities

During our Harvest Week, we went to the local bungalows and delivered the food that was donated by parents and staff at the school. All the Junior Leadership Team could see by their faces that they were delighted to take the food. Next, we went to Harvey House to deliver  more of the food and the people were so happy that they even let us have a tour!

Written by Matilda (Year 4)


From Farm to Fork Day

On Thursday 26th November, the Junior Leadership Team went on a trip to Oadby Lodge Farm to learn where our food comes from and learn about healthy eating.

We spent the first half a day making a healthy pizza from scratch, learning about how the dough is made and exploring the taste of different vegetables before popping our creations in the oven.

Following lunch, we went on a tour of the farm, looking at all the crops and learning about how these contribute to everyday foods.

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2015-11-26 12.09.55 2015-11-26 12.17.51 2015-11-26 12.59.09

2015-11-26 12.15.53



From Farm to Fork Assembly

After our trip we then decided we needed to share what we had learnt with the rest of the school including our free aprons. We showed the school some pure gluten which looked really cool and we sang the Harvest Samba!

Written by Scott (Assistant Head of the Junior Leadership Team)


Festive Farmers’ Fayre

On 5th December we had a Festive Farmers’ Fayre, we had eight fantastic stalls. We would like to thank Dave Coopey for taking the photographs of the children with Santa and everyone who came and supported our school, including stall holders and of course, ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’. A fantastic day! 🙂

Written by Aimee (Year 5)


Anti-Bullying Week

This year, the Junior Leadership Team planned our Barwell Anti-Bullying Week. We decided that each year group would focus on a different type of bullying and produce art work and written work about what they had learnt. We then had a big assembly to showcase what everyone had made.


What are our plans for the next Autumn Half Term?

Although we will still be campaigning for a scooter rack, we will also be investigating whether it will be possible to have music on the playground at lunchtime so that it will promote that happy feeling and also enable you can have a boogie! Another issue we will be looking into is the idea of black out blinds for some classrooms to enable the boards to be more visible when the sun is out. We will keep you posted in the next newsletter! 🙂

Written by Francesca (Head of JLT)


What have we been working on in Autumn Term 1?

For this half term, we have been focusing on obtaining our very own scooter rack for the school. So far, we have had a meeting with Miss Newman and she said YES! But she also said we have to look at how many children would want to use a scooter rack. So we then asked classes and found the results you can see to your left. We have now just got to talk to Mrs Allen-Carter about the rules for our scooter rack and our budget! Watch this space!

Written by Scott Barlow

(Assistant Head, JLT)


Introducing your Junior Leadership Team…

At the beginning of term, each class elected a member of the Junior Leadership Team. In order to complete the team, Year 6 held a mass whole school vote to determine who was to be the Head and two Assistant Heads of the JLT. The voting system was carried out fairly and took into account the votes for each child. Results were announced at the end of the day in a special whole school assembly.

A massive thank you to all the children who took part in delivering nomination speeches—you were all fantastic and we have big ideas for you!