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Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team consists of nine children, with the Manager and Assistant Managers elected by the school from candidates in Year 6.

Miss Newman and Miss Harris the adult guiding hands behind the Junior Leadership Team. They act as facilitators to the children, and encourage them to gather ideas and opinions from within their classes to share within meetings.

Junior Leadership Team meetings are run in a formal way with the Leader as Chairperson, an agenda and minutes noting the contributions of the children.

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How is our Junior Leadership Team elected?

After a formal process which sees willing candidates make powerful speeches about why they would make good JLT members and a secret ballot, one School Councillor is elected by the children in each class. The Manager and Assistant Manager positions are drawn from Year 6. These positions are elected by a whole school secret ballot, following candidates delivering their speeches in assemblies.

When does the Junior Leadership Team meet?

The JLT meets with Miss Newman or Miss Harris regularly to discuss issues that the children themselves usually raise through classes.

How do we know our Junior School Leaders?

Leaders can be spotted in around school by the special badges they wear. The Manager and Assistant Managers also have a ‘credit card’ sized  photographic ID on a lanyard to wear around school. A notice board in the school hall displays photographs(see below) and names of all current JLT members.




What does the Junior Leadership Team do?

Opinions of the children:

To make sure that they know exactly what the children in our school think, the Junior Leaders have used questionnaires to gather opinions. They have concentrated on what children think about play opportunities at lunchtimes. As a result of the children’s thoughts, we have purchased a large amount of play equipment which the children can be seen enjoying every day. Junior Leaders have been involved in re-organising our approach to how lunches are served in the hall and have consulted children on ways in which we might improve areas of our village. Junior Leaders often represent our school at events or by showing visitors around our school.

Charity work:

All Junior Leaders work hard to promote charitable causes in their classes and across the school. During recent academic years we have supported a number of causes, including Think Pink Day for Breast Cancer, Children in Need, LOROS who we have raised funds for through a Fitness in School day, Comic Relief through Red Nose Day activities and we have provided books, and a Breakfast Club for children in school in Livingstone, Zambia.

School environment:

 The Junior Leaders always have the upkeep and development of our school environment high on their list of priorities. They take the task of deciding what play equipment we should buy very seriously, deciding which options give best value for money. They did a brilliant job in helping to design the murals for our outdoor PE container. They have helped to keep outside space look even more fantastic with ideas such as the setting up of our Peace Garden.


Anti-bullying Week:

Anti-Bullying Week is a fantastic week in November which sees all children involved in different anti-bullying activities throughout the week. Junior Leaders give their class input into this event; they work with Miss Harris to promote activities throughout the school.

Healthy Schools:

Junior Leaders promote activities throughout the school to support continued good practice in health education. This year, the promotion of play and learning through activity is on their agenda.