About Us

About Us

The National Society for the Promotion of Education was founded in 1811.  Considering that compulsory education did not become law until 1880, this was a very forward thinking approach.  Its aims were to enable children to flourish by providing education and developing children’s character.  The ethos was that church schools were open to all of the children in the parish, not as a faith school but as a school with distinctly Christian Values at their heart.


We cherish our foundations in history and continue this legacy to today.  Our school was built in 1872 and was further expanded in the 1970s and 2000s.  However, what has not changed is our desire to help the community to flourish and develop the character of all involved with our school. 

In honour of those who came before us, we remember the work of two men who enabled our school to begin our Barwell Family.  Reverend Richard Titley began his incumbency as the Rector of St. Mary’s Church in 1865 and helped the village to grow and prosper. Mr John Elwell was our first Headteacher and his words about his first day in August 1873 can be seen in our school Log Book. 

 These two men together began the journey of school and church serving the village of Barwell together and we are still travelling on along this path.  In church our school is reflected in the two stained glass windows to the left of the bell tower and in school, we have our own stained glass window representing St. Mary’s Church in our reception area.



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