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Ofsted and SIAMS Inspection Reports






Barwell C of E Academy was judged as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in June 2012. Here are some of the highlights from the report:

Here are the key findings from our latest Ofsted report:

  • This is an outstanding school. Excellent teaching and an innovative curriculum enable pupils
    to achieve excellent gains in their skills, knowledge and understanding, as well as
    outstanding personal qualities.
  • Achievement is outstanding for all groups of pupils in all years. Overall standards at the end
    of Year 6 have been consistently above the national average since 2008. They have been
    above average in reading and mathematics, but have been broadly average in writing. There
    was a weakness in spelling, with pupils not using their knowledge of letters and sounds well
    enough to spell accurately. Since the introduction of a new curriculum, standards have risen
    significantly and are now also above average in writing.
  • Teaching is outstanding and has a considerable impact on pupils’ progress. Teachers bring
    learning to life and make it exceptionally meaningful and enjoyable. They use assessment
    data exceptionally well to match work accurately to the wide range of pupils’ needs, whilst
    challenging them so they move on rapidly in their learning. However the teaching and
    marking of spelling is not universally effective.
  • Behaviour is outstanding in lessons and at other times around the school. Pupils show
    determination to succeed and have exceptionally positive attitudes to learning. Pupils are
    safe in the school and show a very strong awareness of how to stay safe.
  • Robust leadership by the headteacher and the senior leadership team have ensured that the
    school has improved upon its good overall effectiveness at the previous inspection. Selfevaluation
    is highly effective and focuses on provision and its impact on the progress that
    pupils are making in their learning. Commitment amongst the staff to deliver a stimulating
    curriculum, that supports excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, while
    still making exceptional gains in their learning, is very strong.

Please click the link below if you wish to view the full report:


Barwell C of E Academy was judged as “Outstanding” by SIAMs in June 2017.  Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • The strong leadership and high level commitment of the headteacher, alongside the successful partnership with the local parish church, has resulted in Barwell’s foundation as a church school being fully secured.
  • The development of a core set of six values chosen by the whole school community has completely transformed the ethos of the school. Pupils have an excellent understanding of how they impact on their personal development and it is clearly reflected in the positive approach to learning.
  • Worship is central to the spiritual life of the school. It is sincere, varied and relevant, and provides spiritual refreshment for the whole school community.
  • Relationships in the school are very strong. The caring support given to pupils and staff extends to all stakeholders and stems from the school’s Christian vision of ‘becoming the best version of ourselves’.

Click here to download the Barwell C of E Academy SIAMS Report 14 June 2017.