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New York – Day 5 – Thursday

Date: October 24, 2014 Author: Admin Categories: New York 2014, News

P1020505Today we visited The Urban Assembly Institute for New Technologies in Harlem. This is a very small Middle School that caters for around only 90 students from Year 6 – Year 8.


In New York it is quite common for more than one school to share the same building, which seems very strange to us, but appears to work here. This school shares a building with three other schools. It is on a number of floors in a city block with no outdoor space at all. We saw lessons in English, Maths, Social Studies and Science in progress and had the chance to talk with staff about assessment systems and the Headteacher about how he runs his school.


In the afternoon we went back to City Hall for our final meeting with the Department of Education. Today we learned about school networks and how New York City supports the development of school staff. We also met with the Chancellor of the Education Department in NYC who told us that their next challenge was developing a second language programme in all New York City schools.