Moving On Up!

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Moving On Up!


Hello and welcome to our new ‘Moving on Up’ zone. This is where you will find information about transferring to our school from Barwell Infants and other Key Stage One settings. We will do our best to keep you up to date with guidance as and when it becomes available to us.


By now, you should have received your pack of information and many forms to complete. These forms are important as they will give us the information that we need to have in place ready for your child’s first day with us. If you need additional copies of these forms, you will also find them on this page:  Letters to Parents


We cannot wait to meet all of our new Year 3 children. Normally at this exciting point in the year we are communicating with the staff at the Infant school to organise activities and meet and greets so that we can all get to know each other a little more.  It is so sad that our usual transition activities are unable to take place this year. Having said that, we have our thinking caps on and we will be using this space to add photos, video clips of our school setting and other bits and pieces to share with your child which will hopefully alleviate any worries or anxiety they may have. I am sure they all have many questions and queries! Our year 3 team are experienced in handling transition and we will endeavour to do our best to help your little ones settle into our school as and when it is safe to do so.


We hope you find this website useful. We will be adding more to it over the next few weeks. Please check it regularly to stay informed. Also, please contact us via phone or email if you need any further information or clarification.



Here are some messages from our staff:
















Here are some of the areas your child will become familiar with when they arrive at our school!






Our Welcome Entrance

Each morning, when you arrive at our school, you will enter through this door. Our Head Teacher, Miss Newman and our Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Stewart will be there to greet you and they will speak to your parents if they need to share any news or messages.












The Comfort Zone

This is a lovely room where you can join us for Early Birds and Nightingales (our before and after school provision) or for the Comfy Club at lunch time where you can take part in activities organised by our school ELSA. We also take small groups in there during learning time for different activities and intervention.








The Library

We have a very comfortable library where you can grab a bean bag and read quietly to yourself or share a book with friends. The library houses a great selection of fiction and non-fiction books and we are adding more all the time! We also have our Accelerated Reader books in here. These are books that you will read that are matched to your age and reading ability. You will get to take an IPad quiz each time you complete one of these books!










The Hall

Our hall is quite large and it is used for a variety of different activities. We have our Collective Worship in the hall every morning. This is where we get together as a Barwell Family and we perform an act of worship. We sing a variety of hymns and we often have visitors in to share worship with us. You will eat your lunch in the hall and sometimes you will have PE lessons in here.









Sacred Area

This is our sacred space where you can come to sit and be at peace, to reflect, to relax or to share something with another person. Can you spot our prayer tree in the picture? You can add any prayers, thoughts, feelings or reflections to our prayer tree whenever you like or you can take some time to read what others have written. Often you will hear calming music in this area and you might even catch a glimpse of Miss Newman or Mrs Stewart as their offices are next to this space.










Year 3 Classrooms

Now you will need to use your imagination a little for this photo as the classroom at the moment looks very empty and not very colourful! All the classrooms look like this at the minute to make sure we are following the COVID-19 school guidelines. Usually, we have our tables in long rows which all face the front of the classroom so you can track your teacher and see our interactive whiteboard easily. The walls are normally filled with helpful words, images and information linked to our learning journeys and to what we are learning in Maths and English. We also like to show off your work as well!







The Playground

This space is normally very popular with our new children! We are very lucky to have a huge playground for you all to spend time in at break and lunch time. We have a field which has a track around the perimeter so we can take part in the daily mile. We have a large trim trail, a tyre park and lots of equipment which our play ninjas get out at lunch times. The play ninjas also organise activities and games for you to take part in each day. To the side of our playground is an outdoor classroom and a sensory garden.