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Monday 14th January 2013

Date: January 14, 2013 Author: Admin Categories: Shanghai 2013

Today has been a busy day, with an early start travelling to Shanghai University.

We were honoured to meet Professor Zhang Minsuan, the President of the University and a very well respected figure in Shanghai. The university trains students to become successful teachers. Shanghai is recognised as the highest achieving city in the world for Maths and Science, and Prof. Zhang explained to us some of the factors that help pupils in Shanghai to achieve highly.

We were allowed to visit the University museum and saw pottery, art and calligraphy treasures.

Following lunch we travelled to our first school, where we were made very welcome by older students and staff. Younger pupils were waving to us from the balconies, but sadly we were not invited into their classrooms. It was a very large school with 2700 pupils. Teachers in the Maths department teach Maths only, even though this is a primary school, so lessons are arranged differently from ours. We met the Headteacher and all of their best Maths teachers. They told us all about how they teach Maths and they asked us about how you learn in our school. The photograph shows Miss H and I with the Headteacher outside of the school.

We were very happy to give the Headteacher two DVDs to show her our school and village. We left with presents to bring back to our school which we will show you next week.

After dinner this evening we went for a walk and found one of the places where the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, was made. We were able to go out onto the viewing gallery on top of one of the hotels to see the view of Shanghai shown in the film. You can see Miss H with the lights of the river and Pu Dong (New Shanghai) in the background.

That’s all for now. We are going into schools tomorrow, so we’ll try to write some more news when we get back.