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Year 5 Home Learning: Week 8

Week Beginning: Monday 15th June 2020


English Tasks


Weekly spellings:


The Oak Academy website provides a small selection of spellings for the children to learn but we feel it might be beneficial to practise these spellings from the Year 5/6 Statutory word list:















Use our Spelling strategies (in the document below) to help you learn these words. Strategies include: dot to dot, speed challenge, boxing up the word and pyramid words.


How can I learn my spellings


Talk about the meaning of each word and make sure you can use them in a sentence.


Go to: and click on Year 5 and 6 and find Spelling Rule 56 – Word list – years 5 and 6 – eq- to f-, then click on ‘Play’ and ‘Spelling Tiles’.


Here, you can choose from a range of free activities to help you learn the spelling of the given words. There is also an option for a test where the computer reads sentences and the spelling word to the child and they type the correct spelling in the box. It tells the child whether or not the spelling is correct. For these parts of this website, there is no need for a subscription or login.



Challenge for this week:  


Write the words in full sentences. See if you can fit multiple words in the same sentence. Don’t forget to punctuate the sentences carefully.  


If you haven’t looked at them already, look at our previous week’s pages as most of the spelling activities are for all of the words we’re sending home at the moment – not just for this week.  



This week’s English lessons are all based on writing a non-chronological report and follow the same structure as the previous Oak National Academy lessons. Those of you who took on Mrs B’s challenge from a couple of weeks ago may remember looking at a non-chronological report then. Make sure you have a pen and paper with you so that you can pause the videos when required and complete any tasks. The lessons build up to writing your own alternative ending in lesson 5. 



Lesson 1: Reading


Today, you will be looking at both word meaning and fact retrieval questions. You can use strategies from yesterday’s lesson to help with the word meaning questions and remember that fact retrieval questions are about pulling out what it says in the text.



Lesson 2: Reading


Today, you will be looking at both word meaning and fact retrieval questions. You can use strategies from yesterday’s lesson to help with the word meaning questions and remember that fact retrieval questions are about pulling out what it says in the text.



Lesson 3: Exploring texts


Here you will be identifying the features of a non-chronological report so it will be really helpful for later this week.



Lesson 4: SPaG


In this lesson, you will be looking at modal verbs. We may use modal verbs already but we should take care when using them in our writing.


If you want some more practice on modal verbsyou can also try going through Mrs B’s powerpoint here:


Year 5 – Modal Verbs ppt



Lesson 5: Writing


This lesson will help you plan and write your non-chronological report. Once you have finished, we would love it if you could share your work with us on twitter or email them in!



Year 3, 4 and 5 shared story – The TimeTravelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure by Julia Jarman 



Continuing the story about Topher and his pet cat Ka as they go on a time-travelling adventure with a Tudor focus!   Topher is learning about how cats were treated in the Tudor period, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. 


Each week we will record around 5 instalments for you to enjoy. For previous instalments, check the previous week’s learning pages.  






Part 11:



Part 12:



Part 13:



Part 14:



Part 15:




Maths Tasks



Lessons 1 to 5:


Each day we would like you to do:  


3 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars – Here is the link:


Please complete at least 3 minutes every day. Year 5 need to know all of the multiplications facts, this includes division facts too. Remember you’ll be competing to help your house to win their battles! Please contact us if your child needs their USERNAME or PASSWORD.  


Pick one. Ideally keep to the same scheme all week: 


White Rose – Summer Term Week 5 (w/c 18th May)


Watch the videos via this link: and then complete the worksheets below.  



Lesson 1 – Add and subtract fractions 


Lesson 1 Answers – Add and subtract fractions 



Lesson 2 – Add fractions 


Lesson 2 Answers – Add fractions 



Lesson 3 – Add mixed numbers 


Lesson 3 Answers – Add mixed numbers 



Lesson 4 – Subtract mixed numbers 


Lesson 4 Answers – Subtract mixed numbers



Lesson 5: Friday Challenge (See White Rose link above)





BBC Bitesize




Oak National Academy:




Gareth Metcalfe’s “I See Maths”:



Recap: Place Value


Complete the worksheets belowThere are no videos: 


Lesson 1 – Yr 5 – Week 8 – 4OPS RECAP Counting-in-10s-100s-1000s-10000s-and-100000s 


Lesson 1 – Yr 5 – Week 8 – 4OPS RECAP Counting-in-10s-100s-1000s-10000s-and-100000s ANSWERS 



Lesson 2 – Y5 – WEEK8 – 4OPS RECAP – Compare-and-order-numbers-to-one-million 


Lesson 2 – Y5 – WEEK 8 – 4 OPS RECAP – Compare-and-order-numbers-to-one-million ANSWERS 



Lesson 3 – YR5 – WEEK8 – 4OPS RECAP – Round-numbers-to-one-million 


Lesson 3 – YR5 – Week 8 – 4OPS RECAP – Round-numbers-to-1-million ANSWERS



Extra Games:


Guardians of Mathematica:


Maths Frame – A variety of maths games to play:



If you require any worksheets that are on the “Premium Section” because you are ahead of what is planned, please email Mrs Bishop 




Learning Journey: Australia



Lesson 1: Famous Australian Landmarks  


As we continue our journey to Australia, we have a lesson to learn about some of the most famous landmarks in Australia.  


Read through the PowerPoint about famous landmarks in Australia (see link below) and make some notes about each landmark. 


Famous landmarks PPT


Task: Complete a fact file about one (or if you feel like it, more than one) of the key landmarks in AustraliaYou can use the template provided (see link below) or work on a plain piece of paper.  


You might need to do some additional research to help you. Take care to write in full sentences with plenty of adjectives for description.  


Remember to explain what the landmark is as that is a really important detail!   


The Key 3 and factfile sheet




Lesson 2: The Great Barrier Reef 


A lesson focussing on one of the most well-known features in Australia – the largest living structure on Earth, The Great Barrier Reef. It is so large that it can be seen from space.  


Read through the PowerPoint about The Great Barrier Reef:


Great Barrier Reef PPT


Task: Answer the questions about this landmark. You can answer the questions on plain paper or use the sheet we have prepared for you (see link below).


The Great Barrier Reef worksheet




Lesson 3: Bush Fires 


really relevant lesson for this year after the immense bush fires that Australia experienced back in January. Bush fires happen every year in Australia but in 2019/20, they were particularly bad.  


Read through the Bush fires PowerPoint:


Bushfires PPT


Try the quiz on the PowerPoint to see what you already know about Australian bushfires and then read through the information about bushfires.  


Task 1: Create a poster of some precautions that Australians take to avoid the risk of bushfires.


Task 2: Imagine you are a safety inspector who specialises in fire protection. It is your job to complete a fire safety report on this campsite. You need to identify areas that are high risk and make recommendations to improve safety.


Bushfires Task 2