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Year 5 Home Learning: Week 5

Week Beginning: Monday 25th May 2020



English Tasks



Weekly spellings:


The Oak Academy website provides a small selection of spellings for the children to learn but we feel it might be beneficial to practise these spellings from the Year 5/6 Statutory word list:














Use our Spelling strategies (in the document below) to help you learn these words. Strategies include: dot to dot, speed challenge, boxing up the word and pyramid words.


How can I learn my spellings


Talk about the meaning of each word and make sure you can use them in a sentence.


Go to: and click on Year 5 and 6 and find Spelling Rule 53 – Word list – years 5 and 6 – a- to av-, then click on ‘Play’ and ‘Spelling Tiles’.


Above is a link to an activity booklet containing all of the Year 5/6 statutory words. (Answer sheet included). It is free to create a Twinkl parent login – use code CVDTWINKLHELPS.


Above is a link to a word mat containing all of the Year 5/6 statutory words. We will look at a few each week.


This week’s English lessons are all based on writing an instructional text and follow the same structure as the previous Oak National Academy lessons. Make sure you have a pen and paper with you so that you can pause the videos when required and complete any tasks. The lessons build up to writing your own instructional text in lesson 5.



Lesson 1: Reading


For this lesson, you will be reading a set of instructions and answering vocabulary (language) questions on this.



Lesson 2: Reading


Today, you will be reading a set of instructions and answering word meaning questions on this.



Lesson 3: Exploring texts


Here you will be identifying the features of instructional writing.



Lesson 4: SPaG


In this lesson, you will have the chance to practise the use of cohesive devices in your writing. These are really helpful in instructions as they help link the steps your reader is following.


One clever way to link the steps within instructions is to use subordinating conjunctions. Use this link if you would like some extra practice on this:


EG: After you have tried the Oak National Academy lesson, you may like to try the Bitesize activity.



Lesson 5: Spelling test and Writing


This lesson will help you plan and write your instructions. Once you have finished, we would love it if you could share your work with us on Twitter!



Maths Tasks


Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS): Please complete at least 3 minutes every day. The more you play, the more points you earn for your House. Year 3 need to know 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10 x tables, this includes division facts too.

As White Rose and BBC Bitesize are talking a break for the half-term week, we have just set you some small half-term daily activities. Complete the daily Flashback Tasks: All activities are on one pdf doc.




Extra Games:


Guardians of Mathematica:


Maths Frame – A variety of maths games to play:



Foundation Tasks 


During this week and month, there are many national events which take place that you may or may not be aware of.  It’s National Walking Month and National Smile Month too.  This week specifically hosts National BBQ Week, National Children’s Gardening Week, with World Hunger Day on 28th May and European Neighbours’ Day on 29th May.  It also marks the beginning of British Tomato Fortnight.


To mark these events, we have provided you with several tasks, of which we would like you to complete a minimum of three.


1. Track Your Miles – For the rest of the month (to the end of this week), we would like you to track the miles you walk as part of your daily exercise. It would be super if you could keep us posted on Twitter at the end of this week as to how far you’ve managed. You may have been doing this already; if so, let us know the amount of miles you hit by Friday.



2. Grow Your Own – We would love it if you could create an environment to grow a food source or plant/flower in your home/garden. Anything from cress seeds in a plastic cup/egg shell with some cotton wall and water to planting your own plants, flowers or veggies in your garden.  The choice is yours but please share with us on Twitter what you decide to do.



3. Eat Sweet – This may sound like we want you to eat lots of sugar but actually, we would like you to do the opposite. This task is about preparing and making/cooking a healthy meal for you and your family to enjoy.  This might be something you want to do together with others at home but we would really like to see your inspiring meals on Twitter.


4. Smile – It’s really important to share a smile, especially at the moment to lift spirits. But something that makes your smile gleam is the healthiness of your teeth.  This challenge is to create a poster telling others all about teeth – you might include why we need teeth, the different types of teeth, how to look after them, what may not be good for them.   Any information you think people need to know about keeping teeth healthy can be on there and we’d love to see your design on content on Twitter too.


5. Community Spirit – As we are spending a lot of time at home and in our local community at the moment, we would like you to think of something thoughtful that you could do for others whilst we are socially distancing. We have seen teddies placed in windows for children to spot whilst on family walks, chalked courses on paths for people to pass and painted pebbles or messages posted along popular walk routes.  What might you do?  Whatever idea you come up with, check with an adult that you can do this first to ensure that it allows you and everyone else to stay safe. Please share your ideas on Twitter.



French Task:


Activity 1: 


Watch and learn the greetings song and dance:



Activity 2:




Watch the video clip below. Practice the weather vocabulary then present your own weather report. Use the additional vocabulary from the learning pack for more weather terms.