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The Easter Egg Challenge

Date: April 10, 2016 Author: Year6 Categories: Year 3, Year 6

3R and 6S went head to head to complete the Easter Egg Challenge. The idea was to work as a team to produce packaging for a chocolate Easter egg. Each class was given a design brief: To produce packaging for a chocolate to withstand a drop of two metres, only using a specific set of materials. The children spent time looking at existing packaging before designing their own – focussing on the shape of net needed to create these 3D shapes, accurate measuring and key characteristics needed for successful team work. Once complete, the two classes met to test their products in “the drop”. It was interesting to see the shapes that the two classes produced – 6S opting for more adventurous 3D shapes, whilst 3R focused on traditional cuboid designs and took their time to think about securing the eggs in their packaging.

The results: 6S ended the challenge with 60% of their eggs intact whereas the traditional cuboid designs meant that 3R were successful in protecting 100% of their eggs – well done 3R!