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School Links

Affinity Teaching School Alliance

Barwell Church od England Academy is a Strategic Partner within the Affinity Teaching School Alliance – a group of 48 schools from across and beyond Leicestershire who are committed to working together in order to develop and improve teaching and leadership so that every school provides an excellent standard of education for pupils in a fully inclusive way. The Alliance provides training for teachers in all stages of their careers, and enters into research activities with schools and universities.

To find out more about Affinity TSA please follow the link below:

Discovery Schools Academy Trust

Barwell Church of England Academy is part of the Discovery Schools Academy Trust. Governors made the decision for us to join this multi-academy trust in Spring 2014 so that we could share services and provide additional leadership to a developing cluster of schools within the trust. Our Specialist Leaders in Education will  have the opportunity to support training and development in schools within the trust. All DSAT schools are also members of Affinity Teaching School Alliance.

To find out more about Discovery Schools Academy Trust, follow the link below:

Teacher Training Links

Barwell Church of England Academy is recognised as a school which supports training and professional development of teachers at all stages. We are partnered through Affinity TSA with the Schools Direct route into the teaching profession.

We welcome students into school to ‘learn on the job’ each year, so it is usual for trainee teachers to be found in our classrooms working with our children and teachers. Our Specialist Leaders in Education are part of the team of trainers that Affinity TSA engage to provide the essential professional development for our Schools Direct students. All of our trainee teachers have been successful in the last two years and most have found employment in schools within Affinity TSA.

Graduates with a minimum of a 2:1 degree in a relevant subject who are interested in a career in teaching should contact Miss Newman at the school for further details about the Teach First route through Affinity TSA.

Earl Shilton, Barwell and Stoney Stanton Family of Schools

We are part of a cluster of nine schools that work together to support one another in the immediate local area. Headteachers meet regularly to discuss local issues and to work together. Primary schools benefit from the Technology College status of the Heathfield Academy and the William Bradford Community College, receiving additional support and activities.

Barwell Infant School

Our school enjoys cordial relationships with all schools in the local area. Links are especially strong with the schools which we feed from and to. We liaise very closely with staff at Barwell Infant School and provide opportunities for parents and children due to transfer to us to see our school in advance and to get to know teachers and support staff in Year 3.

During early Autumn Term each year the children in Year 2 at Barwell Infant School come  to watch our Harvest Thanksgiving Assembly, and are invited to come along and enjoy all the other special events throughout the year.  Children in Year 3 in Barwell Church of England Academy enjoy travelling back to the infants to watch the younger children perform and sing in their Christmas production.

We shall again welcome Year 2 children into school this term to see our special events.

Heathfield Academy

We also liaise closely with Heathfield Academy where most of our children transfer to at the end of Year 6. Parents and children are invited to see the facilities at Heathfield during Autumn Term in Year 6 and all children have two ‘taster days’ at the High School towards the end of their final term in Year 6.

We are always delighted to welcome staff from Heathfield – to our school. We liaises closely with staff  regarding transfer of pupils. During Spring and Summer Terms staff from Heathfield lead special assemblies in our school for children in Year 6. The Head of Year 7 will makes special visits to our school to meet with Year 6 pupils.

This year, we have been very pleased to welcome staff from Heathfield into our school to work with groups of Year 6 pupils on scientific and mathematical projects

To find out more about Heathfield Academy please click on the web link below:

Heathfield High School

William Bradford Community College

We have developed links with the Maths department in particular at William Bradford Technology College.  We have welcomed members of the Maths department from William Bradford into our school to share in joint staff training activities. Children have attend occasional ‘Maths Masterclass’ activities at William Bradford – activities designed to stimulate the most able of our older mathematicians.

To find out more about William Bradford Community College please click on the web link below:

William Bradford Community College