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Keeping in Touch…


During COVID-19, we wanted to stay in touch with our wonderful Barwell Family and so, each normal school day, a new video will be posted at 2 p.m, on Twitter, from a member of our staff. All the videos will also be posted here (on this page of the website) in case you miss one!


Tuesday 8th April 2020: Miss Newman




Wednesday 9th April 2020: Miss Miller



Thursday 10th April 2020:



Friday 11th April 2020:



Monday 13th April 2020:



Tuesday 14th April 2020:



Wednesday 15th April 2020:



Thursday 16th April 2020:



Friday 17th April 2020:



Monday 20th April 2020:




Tuesday 21st April 2020:



Wednesday 22nd April 2020:



Thursday 23rd April 2020:



Friday 24th April 2020:



Monday 27th April 2020:



Tuesday 28th April 2020




Wednesday 29th April 2020:



Thursday 30th April 2020:



Friday 1st May 2020:



Monday 4th May 2020:



Tuesday 5th May 2020:



Wednesday 6th May 2020:



Thursday 7th May 2020:



Friday 8th May 2020:



Monday 11th May 2020:



Tuesday 12th May 2020:



Wednesday 13th May 2020:



Thursday 14th May 2020:



Friday 15th May 2020: