Leavers 2020

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Leavers 2020

Welcome to the very first ‘Year 6 Online Leavers’ Assembly’! Please click the videos and links below to see the messages that our Barwell Family want you to share with you.



On Transition Day last year, we paired the whole of Year 6 up with a ‘Little Buddy’ who they would support and help as they made their way up to Year 3 at Barwell Academy. The kindness, the friendship, the love and care you showed towards your buddies was phenomenal and the impact you had, incredible. We, as a staff, wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you for everything that you said and did for your buddies, and the video below shows only a small fraction of what you meant to them.


Music: https://www.bensound.com



On Wednesday 8th July 2020, it was in our school diary that Y6 would be making their way over, with the rest of the school, to the church for our whole school Leavers’ Service. Obviously, due to the current climate, this could not happen but we also didn’t want you to miss out and Reverend Philip kindly offered to put the Service in video form for us. Click the link below to follow the Service and sing along to the hymns – you know them all by now!



Usually, at this time of year, we will have been practising our Leavers’ Song in Mrs Stewart’s singing assembly, with the rest of the school poised and ready to sing to you on the last day. Because that has not been feasible this year, we have worked out a way in which you can still have the Leavers’ Song sung to you…just by a slightly older crowd (and probably a little less tunefully than years 3, 4 and 5…isn’t that right Miss Morris)! Please click the link below and listen carefully to the lyrics Year 6, because we mean them all!



Music and Lyrics by ‘Out of the Ark’. (http://www.outoftheark.co.uk)



We are starting to bring the Leavers’ Assembly to a close now but we couldn’t leave without our staff saying their goodbyes to you. Staff you have had as previous class teachers, staff who have been in and out of your classrooms for four years, staff who were your champions! They all make up our wonderful Barwell Family, so please click the link below as they read their message to you.



Your Leavers’ Assembly would not be complete without a few words from your Year 6 teachers.




Goodbye and Good Luck, Year 6 – you will always be in our hearts.