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Learning Journeys that each year group is planning to do this year:

Y3 Trolls Learning Journey Overview 2017-2018

Y4 Rainforest Learnng Journey Overview 2017-2018

Y5 Safari Learning Journey Overview 2017-2018

Y6 MI6 Learning Journey Overview 2017-2018

Barwell C of E Academy’s Curriculum:

Barwell Curriculum 2017-2018

All children in every year group are entitled to be taught a broad, balanced and interesting curriculum that is well matched to their needs, taking into account their previous learning and attainment. This link to our Barwell Curriculum (above) explains in detail what we teach in each year group and gives a flavour of the content of the Primary School Curriculum. We use the National Curriculum as the definitive guide to the content of the curriculum. We strive for excellence at all times, aiming to inspire and motivate all children through the way in which we teach.


We teach all National Curriculum statutory subjects – English, Maths, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, PE and Music, Modern Foreign Languages (French) + Religious Education. In addition we teach Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) throughout the school. We use nationally and locally produced resources to support our teaching of English and Maths. We teach ICT skills with the aid of computers in the classroom and the ICT suite, and with the support of additional hardware such as digital cameras, I-Pads and camcorders. PE is taught each week by class teachers. PE is also supported through extended schools activities. All children have the opportunity to learn to swim during their time in Year 4 at our school.

Curriculum Developments

We have reviewed and revised our approach to curriculum planning during recent years, moving away from teaching through subject areas, and moving towards a more holistic and creative approach to learning and teaching. Whilst some lessons in Maths and Literacy continue to concentrate on these particular subject areas, many other lessons are now planned around themes and topics which cover more than one curriculum subject and enable the children to practise their literacy and mathematical skills. Children find more meaning to the learning process in this way and they are motivated by this approach. In our last OFSTED inspection our curriculum was graded as outstanding. Teachers have worked hard to plan very carefully so that all areas of the National Curriculum are taught at the appropriate level in each year group. Planning documents show how this is achieved across the school.