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Year 5 Home Learning: Week 1

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April 2020



English Tasks


These lessons build up to writing a setting description. You will need a pen/pencil and paper. To move through the lessons, click on the buttons at the bottom right of the page. Lessons include a short quiz, a video which can be paused when needed and an activity to complete.


Spellings: Each lesson gives you time to practise key spellings. However, you may prefer to try the attached wordsearch, write them in sentences or practise these in a different way of your choice.


Spellings and Key Word Wordsearch 1


Lesson 1: Reading– For this lesson you will be reading an example setting description (The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien) and answering questions on the text.


Lesson 2: Reading– For this lesson you will be reading an example setting description (Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone) and answering questions on the text.


Lesson 3: Exploring texts- Here you will be looking at a good example of a description and identifying the features that make it effective.


Lesson 4: SPaG– This activity will give you chance to practise using parenthesis. You may want an adult to check your sentences after you have done the independent activity.


Lesson 5: Spelling test and Writing– This lesson will help you plan your descriptive writing. Your activity is to write a description of a location of your choice. Once you have finished, we would love it if you could share your work on twitter!


Maths Tasks


Have a go at doing one Maths lesson each day following the 5 lessons given below.

For the first four lessons this week, you need to access:


Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to ‘Week 1’. For each lesson listed below, watch the video, which will teach what is needed to help complete the worksheet activity.

During the video, there are prompts to complete parts of a worksheet, which you can access by clicking on ‘Get the Activity’ to the right of the video box.  This can be printed or answers written, drawn or coloured on any piece of paper. (There are some 100 and 1000 square grids saved in the Maths folder if you would like to use them). Once complete, click on ‘Get the Answers’ to check how you’ve done.


Lesson 1: Decimals up to 2dp

Lesson 2: Decimals as fractions (1)

Lesson 3: Decimals as fractions (2)

Lesson 4: Understand thousandths

Lesson 5 – Retrieval:


For this lesson, click this link: and see if you can complete the questions from previous topics. You can print this or write your answers on a piece of paper.  When you’ve finished, click ‘Get Answers’ to see how you have got on!


Additional Resources:


1000 Square Grid Paper

10 x 10 Grid Paper


Times Table Rockstars


Each day, we would like you to visit Times Table Rockstars and log in using your username and password. As we usually complete three minutes a day working on quickening up our times tables, we would like you to spend this time on Times Table Rockstars online. Can you beat your best scores? If you do, don’t forget to let us know!


Foundation Tasks


Our new learning journey, Your Money or Your Life, follows crime and punishment through different eras. Your tasks over the coming weeks will be to explore this theme in more detail. This week, we would like you to try these three tasks to find out more about crime and punishment in Roman times.


Task 1: The Romans had “The Twelve Tables” which were their laws. Can you find out what they were?  If you had to decide twelve rules, which everyone in the world had to abide by, what would they be and why?


Task 2: During the Roman era, slaves were punished by death, made to become a gladiator or thrown to the lions.  Do you know what a gladiator is? If not, please find out. Once you have researched, please design your own gladiator. What attributes would the gladiator need and why?


(This website will help with pupils’ understanding of what it means to be a gladiator. In the bottom left hand side of the webpage, there is a video and a quiz for pupils to try.)


Task 3:  During the Roman era if you were caught stealing you would have your limbs amputated! Do you think this should be brought back as a punishment for stealing? Can you make a Roman poster which would deter people from stealing?



French Task:


Lesson 1:


Using the video: Sporting activities in Marseille from the link above, produce a poster for the ‘Jours de Sport’ weekend using French vocabulary; design your own Barwell Sports weekend event.